About Us


YouFarm provides alternative funding for small scale and commercial farmers in Zimbabwe through the YouFarm Crowd Farming Platform. The YouFarm Crowd Farming Platform enables anyone to participate in the agricultural value chain by investing in crop or livestock and sharing the profits with the farmer when the produce goes to market. Through the mobile application and website, an anyone can become a farmer without owning any land or a farm. We call this participatory agriculture. The YouFarm Crowd Farming Platform allows you to invest in multiple crops and multiple farms from anywhere across the world.


 Mission Statement

To find alternative financing for farmers by getting people to become a part of the agriculture value chain by investing in crops and livestock, and to provide access to technology for farmers in Zimbabwe.

Company Goals and Objectives

  • To provide financing for farmers via our crowd farming platform
  • To provide Zimbabwean farmers with access to technology in order to improve yields
  • To allow people to invest in crops and livestock
  • To ensure that investors receive a return on investment when they invest in crops or livestock
  • To create a marketing platform for farmers
  • To create farmers who do not own any land
  • To create smarter farms and smarter farmers
  • To finance farmers who have previously been excluded by traditional lenders such as banks, microfinance institutions and contract farming


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